Finally…nursery pics and so much more!

I had good intentions when I started this blog a little less than a year ago, but as many have found, it is hard to keep up.  Ok, so I failed miserably with only three posts, but I’m turning over a new leaf here.   Some of my friends have been asking for recommendations on baby gear since I know so many pregnant ladies right now.  Those of you that know me well know that I 1) am a major researcher and 2) buy everything online- literally pretty much everything from diapers and wipes to my most recent purchase: an 8×10 foot rug for our living room.  I love to look up reviews, product specs, and pictures of products so that I am completely satisfied with my purchase.  I spent hours deciding on the perfect camera and laptop backpack, so you can imagine the time I put into purchasing all of Rylan’s “stuff”.  I also look up coupon codes, sign up for email offers, and search for the best prices, so I will try to share some of the things I have learned.  Please note, my intention is not to convince you to buy any of the things that I discuss; I am just sharing my thoughts and opinions so that you have more information in order to make your own decisions…or at the very least, so that you can get a kick out of the (borderline ridiculous) process that I go through when I purchase something that I feel is important.  Don’t worry…I enjoy it 🙂

Today, I’ll start with the nursery, since I had promised to post pictures of Rylan’s room once it was fully furnished and decorated. So, here they are:

I am a big believer in natural and organic products, and I tried to make his room as healthy and chemical-free as possible.  I do realize that people have been living a long time without these types of products, however, if there’s a choice, I say why not go organic.  Anything that could possibly reduce the risk of cancer, infertility, and other health problems in the future is a plus in my book.  The only thing it may hurt is perhaps your wallet, because many organic and natural products are more expensive.  Sometimes, “green” products are actually much nicer and well made than others, so they really did cost more to produce and are worth the added price.  Other times, businesses are capitalizing on the fact that “green” is trendy right now, and the products are really not worth the markup.  Also, just because something says “natural” or “organic”, you really have read what you are purchasing, because it doesn’t always mean that product is better or safer.  Companies can market a product using the term “organic” even if there is one organic component, so you want to look for “100% organic“, if possible.

Crib:  We decided to purchase the Pacific Rim Natural Maple Crib from Green for Bedroom & Baby– really great tiny shop in Thousand Oaks.  This was definitely a splurge as the crib and mattress cost about as much as we paid for our entire bedroom set from Ikea.  However, it is a beautiful, solid, well-made piece of furniture that will last forever.  Even Jared was impressed.  It is solid wood and unfinished, so no formaldehyde-containing MDF or chemical finishes.  I didn’t do a whole lot of shopping around on this as I loved it as soon as I saw it in the store (yes, I did actually purchase this from a store, but I found out about the store online).

Mattress:  If only purchase one organic item, go with an organic mattress.  There are so many chemicals used in traditional mattresses, and we spend roughly a third of our lives sleeping on them (babies obviously sleep even more).  Therefore, this is one item that I believe is truly worth the additional price.  We went with the mattress that was sold together with the crib from Green for Bedroom & Baby.  However, there are many other brands out there that I’m sure are great, too. 

Wool Pad: If an organic mattress is not an option, then I’d suggest at least using a wool pad as it will provide a barrier between the baby and the mattress (that is what we have on our bed because our old mattress still has a few good years left in it).  Wool is naturally water-resistant and antimicrobial.  I’d recommend moisture or “puddle” pads from Pure Rest, Natura, and Holy Lamb Organics as I purchased one of each of these (for the crib, bassinet, and travel crib).  They are more expensive than other waterproof pads, but you really only need one if you put a cotton mattress pad over it to soak up any leaks.  Good websites are The Ultimate Green Store ,, Babyearth, Holy Lamb Organics, Organic Sleep Products , and, of course, Amazon.  Tips:  Holy Lamb Organics has a list of clearance items that have a slight defect.  The list says what the defect is, so you can decide whether or not it will meet your needs.  They usually have to do with a discontinued fabric, or a slight size difference.  Just send them an email requesting the list.  Additionally, if you actually call and place an order over the phone with Organic Sleep Products, you can sometimes get an additional discount.  This is because companies regulate the prices that their goods are offered for online, but the owner is willing to charge slightly less.

Bedding: Although there are so many cute bedding sets out there, I wanted organic cotton (it just didn’t seem right to spend so much on a natural crib, organic mattress, and wool mattress pad and not use organic sheets).  Plus, I wasn’t going to use the bumper, so I decided to skip the bedding sets and go with a sheet and crib skirt from Kate Quinn Organics.  They have really cute clothes, blankets, bedding, etc. and I was able to get the sheet and skirt on sale and then also use a coupon code, so I got a great deal.  For additional sheets (we all know that babies tend to go through them pretty quickly), I got solid color green and off white organic sheets from and Babies ‘R Us.

Due to the length of this post, I decided to divide it into two pieces.  Stay tuned for Part II with details about the dresser, changing pad, chair, and book shelf.

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