Nursery: Part II

And now, the continuation of Rylan’s nursery… Ok, I’ve been watching a little too much Hell’s Kitchen lately…  But, here it is anway: (see the previous post Here for pictures)

Dresser:  Since we splurged on the crib and mattress, we decided to go for a more inexpensive dresser.  We just bought a bedroom set from Ikea last fall and love the dresser, so I went to to see what else they had to offer.  The Mandal dresser was exactly what I was looking for.  It has a modern edge to it, which I really like as it offsets the very traditional looking crib.  I love the two-toned finish as it gives a little more visual interest.    The length and height (since we were going to use this as a changing table) were right, so we went down to our local (if you call Burbank local) Ikea to pick one up and save the high shipping cost.  Of course, they were out of stock.  We looked at the other options that we could have driven home with that day, but they were either too long (length-wise), too short (height-wise), or more expensive than we wanted to spend.  We ended up going home and buying it online, and I’m really glad we did.  I really like this dresser.  My only complaint is that the drawers can slide back in a little too fast.  There are cut-outs for your fingers, but I am a little concerned about Rylan getting his fingers caught sometime.  I think I will send Jared to the hardware store to see what he can add some dampers.  It appears that Ikea has realized this is an issue as they just came out with the Nyvoll dresser.  It is really similar to the Mandal, but has built-in dampers. 

Changing Pad:  We got the Naturepedic 4-Sided Changing Pad.  I don’t know if you can really love a changing pad, but I love this one.  It is much more comfortable than those thin ones that often come with sets, and it is of much nicer quality than those covered in vinyl.  The sides are a little shorter than some of the others I’ve seen, but they’re not meant to leave babies unattended on anyway.  There are fasteners to attach the pad to the dresser.  I also put a small square of a non-skid rug pad underneath to keep it in place.  There is a fitted cover that you can purchase separately (which I did), but other standard covers also fit just fine.  We actually don’t even use the covers anymore because they get so dirty so quickly and the waterproof covering of the pad makes cleanup a breeze.  I got mine on and was able to use two coupon codes (most websites only take one), so ended up getting it for about 45% off.

Chair: I looked around quite a bit before deciding on what type of chair to get.  Babies ‘R Us has a large selection of gliders, but I just wasn’t into them as they are quite expensive for what you get, and I didn’t think we had quite enough room in the nursery.  I also sat in one of them, and along with the glider ottoman, felt a little nauseous.  (This apparently was just due to pregnancy as my parents have a glider and haven’t had that problem since using it more recently) So, I looked into a variety of options: I checked out Craig’s List, I found $800 Amish hardwood rockers online, and, of course, perused the Ikea website.  Nothing (in my price range) stood out to me. 

Then one day I was driving on 101 and saw the La-Z-Boy store in Agoura Hills.  I didn’t stop, but looked them up online.  Many of their products are Made in the USA and they have environmental initiatives regarding integrating sustainable business practices and reducing the environmental impact.  La-Z-Boy does have an EcoComfort line, but it was too pricey for me to consider.  However, as a whole, they are EFEC registered (Enhancing Furniture’s Environmental Culture) and one of their areas of focus is the use of low VOC coatings, renewable lumber, low-emitting resins, minimal composite wood formaldehyde, no PBDE’s in foams, and eliminating lead in leathers.  I got to thinking that a recliner would be really comfortable for those late-night feedings, so I went to the store to see what they had.  I was able to find several options on sale for $399, and then the sales associate was able to knock off an additional percentage (always negotiate at furniture stores), so we walked out of the place with a $600 recliner for $327.   When we picked it up the following week, it totally had that new upholstery smell (I am just generally hyper-sensitive to smells), so I ended up closing the door and keeping the window open for a good month to air it out.  That was annoying, but we did have the time, and it is super comfy, so overall it was a good buy.

Book Shelf:  This was the last big item for the room that I needed to get.  After finding so many great options for everything else, I thought, how hard could it be to find a natural wood or non-toxic finished bookcase?  Apparently, they are hard to find, and the ones I did find were ridiculously expensive for a few pieces of wood glued together.  I could have just gone with some decent ones made out of MDF from Target or Walmart, but I think of purchases as voting with my dollars for good products, so I was determined to keep looking. 

I ended up finding Room Doctor and was able to order the unfinished pine three shelf extra wide bookshelf for $39! (Plus $30 shipping, but that is still a great price)  I was really excited about it. Unfortunately, it took several weeks to finally get it in the room because the first one I got arrived damaged, and the replacement was the wrong size.  The third one finally was perfect.  Although it was an annoying process, the customer service at Room Doctor was really great and the representatives I talked to were really helpful.  And really, the price was right.  We were thinking of painting it, but it looked great unfinished, so we just left it.  As I was looking for the website for Room Doctor to put in this post, I came across another website for The Woodland Mills.  I don’t know why I didn’t see this website before, but the products look really nice, the prices are reasonable, and they have free shipping on most items.  I might be looking into their wine racks sometime soon…but, not for Rylan’s room of course 🙂

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