My First Citrus Lane Box

I found out about Citrus Lane last month from a blog post about different monthly shipment services.   If you haven’t heard of it yet, you can purchase an individual box or subscription to receive a box full of mystery goodies and coupons specifically chosen for your child based on age (newborn to age three).  My initial reaction was that it sounded cool, but I didn’t really need it, and probably wouldn’t use most of the stuff anyway.  I’m very picky when it comes to baby items.  After looking at the website and seeing different pictures and posts about what was in some of the recent boxes, I realized that the things in the boxes were things that I have bought or would buy anyway.  I love the Skip Hop stacking ducks, and Green Toys, Haba, and Plan Toys brand toys that were in the previous month’s boxes.  We also love Happy Baby, Plum Organics, and Ella’s Kitchen brand baby food and snacks, so I thought I might as well give it a try.

Well, I received my first box yesterday, and I was so excited to open it.  This month’s theme was “Dining Out With Kids”.  Here is what was in the box:

Itzy Ritzy Snack Happened:  This is a reusable snack bag with a waterproof, PVC-free lining.  I have a few reusable snack bags that I got a few years ago, and unfortunately don’t actually use them that much.  However, I do like that this one has a zipper and is machine-washable.  Now that I am always toting around snacks wherever I go with Rylan, this one actually has a chance of being used quite often. 

ZoLi Sumo Snack Stacker:  If I’m being honest, I was ever so slightly bummed when I saw this in the box.  It has nothing to do with the product- this thing is awesome.  The reason is that I JUST bought this less than 2 weeks ago!  I kind of had a feeling it might be in the box when I saw this month’s theme, but we were going on vacation, so I went searching Amazon for things to make my life easier.  And that it does.  This dishwasher safe, BPA and phthalate-free container has three individual sections to keep different snacks.  I used it every day on our vacation, and I’m sure I will continue to use it a lot.  It is so nice to be able to pull one thing out of your bag and have three different snacks.  I used it for cereal, cheese-kale rice puffed snacks, and yogurt melts.  For an idea of what it can hold, it fit a whole bag of Happy Tot yogurt melts with room for more.  While I was slightly bummed that I didn’t get something new, this is a great addition to this box.  I’m sure I’ll be able to use two.

Ella’s Kitchen Ella’s 2:  There was one each of Chicken Casserole and Chicken Sweetcorn Mash.  These are great and could not have come at a better time.  Rylan only has four teeth, and therefore does not chew very well yet.  He spits out bits of meat, so I have been still spoon feeding him meat purees for dinner.  However, he has been majorly teething for the past couple days and is spitting out everything that isn’t super soft or sucked by him out of a pouch.  So, meat purees in a pouch=happy mommy and mostly happy baby (he was still super fussy before bedtime last night poor guy).

NurturMe All Natural Baby Food:  I have seen these before but haven’t tried them.  It is fruits and vegetables quick-dried to retain nutrients.  You can mix them with water, breastmilk or formula, or “hide” it in something else like a smoothie.  We got peas and apples.  Sounds cool…I’ll give it a try, probably in a smoothie because, like I said before, Rylan’s not into spoon feeding right now.

Weleda Almond Soothing Facial Lotion and Weleda Almond Soothing Cleansing Lotion:  I bought the Weleda baby calendula lotion for Rylan a few months ago and wasn’t really impressed.  It was too thin and watery, plus it was a 4 on the Skin Deep website- not the worst, but there are so many better baby products.  These lotions, however, are better, both ranking a 2.  I’m pretty loyal to my Neal’s Yard Remedies skin care products, but I’m always up for trying something new, particularly when it’s travel size!

Overall, this is a great box.  I am a harsh critic, and this box definitely passes with flying colors.  It would have been just a bit more exciting had I not just bought the ZoLi snack stacker, but oh well.  I guess I should stop buying things myself.  I can’t wait for next month! 

Check it out for yourself by clicking Here. If you use this link I get a credit, which I would really appreciate.  If you sign up for a year, you get two months free!

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