Art and Literature for Babies

Rylan appears to be more focused on learning new words than learning to walk.  Over this past week, his vocabulary has increased tremendously.  He is learning at least a word if not two or three each day.  Today he said milk, mouth, and teeth.  Milk and mouth sound the same (“muh”), but he definitely uses them properly.  He now says: spoon, bath, nose, eyes, bye-bye, penguin (Jared was so excited because this is the only word so far he has said to Jared first), doggie, kitty cat, pop (as in pop the bubble), pear (he now distinguishes it from the apple), peas, sock, Sig (the name of his blanket), and button.  There are probably others that I am forgetting.  As far as walking, he just does not seem interested. 

Perhaps all these words mean that he is going to take after his English major daddy and be more into theater and drama than playing sports.  Either way, we want to bring him up to be at least aware of, if not appreciative of literature, as well as art.  I have gained a great appreciation for art through many hours spent in museums on our wonderful family trips.  Impressionism holds a special place in my heart because of our trip to France during my senior year of high school.  The trip was over spring break, and during the break, our English writing assignment was to review a piece of art: it could be a song, a painting, or a play.  The joke was that I had to go all the way to Paris to find something to write about.  Well, instead of mindlessly walking through the museums, I looked at every piece as if it was the one I was going to write about.  It really peaked my curiosity, and my writing assignment actually became fun. I have been interested in art ever since.  I absolutely loved Pierre Auguste Renior’s work and ended up choosing Bal du Moulin de la Galette for my writing assignment. 

Ok, so where is the part about Art and Literature for Babies?  Well, I recently stumbled upon a Pinterest pin with a picture of four BabyLitTM books: Romeo and Juliet, Alice in Wonderland, Jane Eyre, and Pride and Prejudice.  I looked it up on Amazon, and they are counting board books for babies with a famous literature piece as the theme.  Cool, right?  When searching on Amazon for these BabyLit books, a few other options came up, including a board books about famous artists, most of them impressionists. 


I thought these books look like a really neat way to introduce art and literature to infants.  Since Rylan is so into books, I couldn’t resist.  There are a number of great options, but I ended up choosing: Pride and Prejudice (one of Jared’s favorites), Sharing with Renoir (as Renoir is my favorite), and Make Van Gogh’s Bed (a “Touch the Art” book).   What is really neat about the art books is that they describe each work of art at the end of the book in case you aren’t familiar with them.  I think these books would make an awesome and unique gift.  I am so excited to give these to Rylan in his Easter basket on Sunday!

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3 Responses to Art and Literature for Babies

  1. Annie says:

    …and Van Gogh’s A Starry Night is Rylan’s Auntie Annie’s favorite. 🙂 These books seem really neat and a great find!

  2. rockieprojectunexpected says:

    This is awesome

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